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Have Holistic Health Solutions, Will Travel: Sam’s Path to Wellness

May 01, 2023 06:30PM ● By Randy Kambric
The are many settings where Samantha Werner, owner of Sam’s Path to Wellness, meets with
clients, the majority of which are women, to give advice on how to improve their own and their family’s well-being with natural remedies and more. While often in a house, a café or on a park bench, she has also had consults at “kids’ play or entertainment sites for mothers watching their children,” says the Leland, North Carolina-based practitioner. “I go to people throughout the area. It’s convenient for them and me to not have an office.”

Werner, who has been an official wellness advocate of doTERRA and a holistic health coach for eight and seven years, respectively, can help improve mental and physical health and reduce toxic ingredients present in someone’s environment as part of a total body approach. She holds a degree in biology and psychology; attended classes at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine,
near Brevard, North Carolina; holds multiple deTERRA certifications; and is certified in Aroma Touch.

“doTERRA’s essential oil and herb products are tested and scientifically formulated and their healthful applications are broad,” says Werner. “There are many healthful ways in using the oils including internally, topically and aromatically. Oils can also be used in cooking and washing
dishes. Their On Guard product, an effective agent against bacteria, can clean the air.”

In nutrition coaching, she often recommends the company’s Lifelong Vitality Pack to “improve energy and sleep, and reduce anxiety and weight. We can’t know for sure if harmful chemicals were used in growing a plant. Our soil has been depleted, reducing plants’ nutritional value.”

A 30-day cleanse is sometimes suggested as “no matter how clean you think your body is inside, there are toxins to be purged. You can’t keep completely clean all the time.”

Those with seasonal sensitivities can benefit as well. “Their lavender, peppermint and lemon
oils are all natural antihistamines.”

There’s also mold, fungus and parasites to contend with. “Their products fight parasites and are natural. Also, part of what I’m taking helps tame Candida.”

The company’s products were “a game changer for me. I wasn’t a big believer in vitamins and supplements before. I’ve seen great results with their blends. They contain micronutrients and digestive enzymes.”

Werner’s holistic wellness consults include examining a person’s total lifestyle, personal health and environment to make holistic and natural solution recommendations. She also provides electromagnetic frequency therapy and iTOVi scanning.

She currently teaches classes in the use of the oils, but on a limited scale as she is also taking care of her dad. She might increase this part of her work in the future.

Werner also interacts with our environment in another way. Along with having goats and chickens on her urban homestead property, she is a certified North Carolina beekeeper with three wooden beehives and helps oversee others in the community as an advocate for the insect’s crucial function.

She’s a member of the New Hanover Beekeepers Association, which assisted a boy to become an Eagle Scout in installing an apiary in Halyburton Park, in Wilmington, which the organization
continues to maintain. Along with producing honey, bees play a critical role in nature as major pollinators, integral to the growth of many fruits and vegetables. The population of bees has been threatened in recent years due to pesticides, varoa mites and disease as well as poor management.

“People have misperceptions of bees. When they fly, it’s to pollinate, collect resources, poop, scout around or find a new home.”

Bees can be a window to a fully functional human society. “Each bee—nurse, worker, scout, forager, guards of the queen and the hive and more—does their part for the good of all. They only sting if they feel their hive is being threatened.”

On the subject of insects, after Werner contracted MRSA from a deep bite by a brown recluse spider, a doctor recommended antibiotics and said it might take up to two months to fully heal. “I’m sensitive to antibiotics. My husband researched and we instead used doTERRA’s frankincense and the wound healed in two days.”

Clients can become members of Sam’s Path to Wellness tribe. “It’s all about making natural solutions choices.”

For more information or to make an appointment, call 910-322-8052 or visit
samanthawerneroils or See ad, page 5.